T-Mobile problems in NYC area today?

yes, there was an outage yesterday. if you don’t know about this site:


i highly recommend you check it out.

BB-Outage is a mail list for people to notify others if RIM’s data service or a carrier’s data se rvice is down in a particular area. if Data Service is down in China, USA, A particular state, city, country, etc, for people then post the area to the list so others are notified. It’s probably best to subscribe from an address that’s not associated with your Blackberry since if RIM’s data service is down, you won’t get the e-mail anyhow.

and their blog:

from yesterday:

Service(s) : Originating/Terminating Calls
Description : Customer in the Manhattan, NY area may experience a degradation of voice and data services due to a fault on NYMSS913. Spatial Tier 2 is investigating the issue.
Geographic Location(s) : Manhattan, NY

yay for TMI…


– Randall Noval


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