SOA and WTF is this crap

going back to his original email, we can divine some info that may help.

> Can anyone educate me on what is so unquely new about SOA and how it is
> necessary to sustain business while actually costing an arm and a leg (
> looked at figures to do it for TELCO) to deliver nothing new
> Got into a heated debate and now I have to figure out a way to let them
> know how they are being yanked. God help me.

SOA is typically used in more enterprise type applications and this idea can be vetted by their use of consultants to define the problem, and then third-party engineers to implement. these scenarios typically happen in larger organizations and with large, legacy systems that were defined long-ago and periodically added to without any garbage collection (incurring design or technical debt[1]). without knowing more details of the specific project or what the consultants said, the best thing i can suggest is to find out what they’re trying to accomplish. the what tells you the how. SOA may be the right approach to adding or chaning functionality, but it also may not sufficiently address the specific needs from the stakeholders. SOA has only been enabled in more recent years in the very conservative corporate environment with the additional internal network resources and technologies that have been added in. it’s a really good idea, IF it’s the right tool for the job. and, as has been pointed out, it’s a design concept, an approach to connecting disparate systems in an intelligent fashion. it’s not a specific technology or tool.



On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 22:23, soulsonic wrote:

impossible for anyone to give you advice since we don’t know anything about your situation, but SOA is great if used correctly. 

does your company use multiple tiered architecture (or wants to go that route)? is there a need to share functionality between departments? as far as clients go, it would be easy to whip up a service interface w/out having to re-gut the core app.. in fact i can’t think of a scenario where the whole application would have to be re-done just to put SOA in.. it can be done in small steps as needed to address specific concerns, unless one of those concerns is scalability..

– Randall Noval


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