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2009/7/15 Nicholas

I’m about to do a complete re-branding to coincide with the very much delayed Anagram BlackBerry launch. I was wondering what kind of cutting-edge tech news and blog sites you might think would have good readership and be interested in all this. I think it’s pretty newsworthy.


hey man! congrats on finishing the BB version, there’s a lot of movement in that space right now, and having their app store[1] should be a real help for you. there are the usual sites that talk about this type of stuff:

once you get a press kit together (blurbs, talking points, demo videos, etc. [2]) , i’d suggest checking out some news aggregators like these guys to see who they pull info in from:

i’d also put out some messages to see who among your friends have connections to tech PR firms, they can be a real help in understanding and managing press, plus they should have existing relationships with media companies making getting articles written about you much easier.

What a PR firm can do for you:

60-Second Guide to Generating Publicity for Your Business

How to find PR firms

i’ll tap some resources i have and see what they come up with on how to spread the word. good luck, hope this helps!



– Randall Noval


2 thoughts on “blogs & generating PR

  1. Here are some great articles on startups and PR as well:You start (me) up. When and how to ramp up PR? post by Bob GellerAs a veteran of the tech industry ??? in the PR agency world for the past 14 years and on the industry/client side before that ??? I have worked with many startups. I am often asked, ???When is the right time for a young company to bring an agency on, or otherwise kick PR into high gear????5 Features to Look for in a Tech PR Firm have been asked on more than one occasion to provide advice about choosing a public relations firm. After the urge to shout: ???Me! Me! Please, pick me!!??? subsides (after all, I am in the business), I generally step back and take a more objective approach. Those who ask – often friends and family who are starting tech companies or work for tech-focused businesses – are counting on me for impartial advice. The very real chance exists that the PR agency I work for may not be a good fit for their needs. And we want to stay on top of our game, and reminding ourselves and others about objective criteria for choosing an agency is one way to do this.

  2. And another article from Public Relations Authenticity is key.2. Do your homework.3. Track down contact information.4. Fill their niche.5. Don’t take silence as a rejection???but definitely take the hint.

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