advice on starting a new web-business

2009/8/30 gary

Hi- Since i have been having a tough time finding a tech cofounder (FT) or 2-3 PT techcofounders using the usual CL and web developer-wanted ads on nytech avenues, i thought i would try a different approach. Since my own motivation to work on this for more than two years now, perfecting all the tools and concepts, developing powerful marketing plan, widgets, and viral tactics, etc., was intitally generated by the pain of my own divorce, I am thinking, why not put that same potential motivation out there in my ads.  (Afterall, i’ve had 3 angels almost fund me BEFORE having a beta, and they were all people who had gone through or going through tough divorces.)

Since I truly believe (and think i can convince you) this will end up not only making millions$$, but will also save and revitalize eventually millions of saveable marriages and couple relationships in general, it will be a lemons to lemonade story for all of us. So here’s my ad to send to anyone you know ANYWHERE who’s had a tough divorce or going through anything like that now:

(and 50,000 (one half percent reward) if you find me my tech cofounder (s)):

HEADLINE: Founder/CEO/PhD,  seeks one fulltime tech cofounder or 2 or 3 PT web app developers for unusual consumer INTERNET startup to help couples save/revitalize relationships, using conceptual advance in use of the Internet.

NOT JUST ANOTHER STARTUP THAT COULD MAKE LOTS OF MONEY,  but one that can  prevent/reduce oceans of suffering. (Can help prevent other sources of suffering and save the planet too! Ask me how.)

Our mottos: “Tapping the wisdom of the best experts and wisest couples” and “Making honesty easier than ever before.”

> Perfect for anyone who’s gone through or going through touch divorce or big loss of love.

> Perfect for anyone wanting to own serious part of company, not be a cog, move to VP Engineering or CTO quickly, be involved in a collaborative decision making model, feel heard–eat our own dog food about conflict resolution and empathy.

 >  BlueOcean market, lots of pain, novel solution, virtually no competition.

> Next step for making Internet history–from creating lots of superficial relationships to sustaining, strengthening and deeping our most important relationships with our mate, kid, colleague

> awardwinning BP, powerful marketing strategy, including several viral, plus three perfect widgets for FaceBook

> nearly finished PRD with wire frames, about 400 UseCase Scenarios for first iteration

> perfect partnership play with major companies with millions of clients

> two patentable inventions, one hardware (that would have huge consumer demand–by making Honesty easier than ever before!

> highly talented potential Project Manager

> sister mini site,,  already launched that could grow big (soon to be crowdsourced, copy improved, designed, etc.); even better widgets for facebook

Happy to be straightforward re equity, spec reqs, timeline, market strategy

TO APPLY: For detailed job description including specs, exec summary, resume of founder, etc., write or call (now in NYC, but willing to move ANYwhere for first two-three months to ensure

of close working together relationship; ie rapid development


in no particular order:
– buy a domain name you commit to and get email addresses showing that
– you cannot save the world, people who have money know that and don’t care
– making websites (even complex, highly functional ones) is /not/ hard (seriously). spend a little time and you will make further progress than you think (aka, if i can teach my mom to do it, you don’t have an excuse)
– spend time learning more about what you’re trying to do. as in, if you won’t put a minimal amount of effort into educating yourself about what you’re trying to do, there is no one who will do that for you.
– focus, focus, focus. seriously. you need to solve one very specific problem (and no, you have not even come close to defining it narrowly enough) before you can solve anything more than that. you need to make sure that nobody can ask the question “what about?” without you having a response that says either “that’s not my target market” or “we’re solving that problem with this”. anything else is quite literally irrelevant.
– use fewer irrelevant keywords. “blue ocean (there is /always/ competition, learn how to recognize and understand it)”, “almost fund (why couldn’t you actually fund it yet)”, “anywhere (is not nearly specific enough, e.g. except mombasa)”, “anyone (is not nearly specific enough, e.g. except my 9-year old daughter)”, “patentable (why not patented?)”, “nearly finished (finish, publish, then revise, nothing will ever be perfect)”, “viral tactics (FOX hasn’t perfected it and they piss away more money than you’ll ever gross)”

i really hope this is helpful. though, if this is the first time you’ve had a response like this at all (and you’re actually surprised), in my opinion you have really put absolutely no effort in to doing anything constructive with your idea other than wish that other people will magically make it happen for you. if it’s a good idea, dig deeper into the operations and mechanics of getting things done. if it’s an idea whose time has come, you have to be the one to do it, dirty fingernails and all. otherwise, it’s simply not “your” idea.

– Randall Noval

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