Editing blog posts

I am now an editor for my friend Veronica Sonsev’s blog, 12 Months to Launch. Beyond the general grammar, punctuation and spelling double-checking (which is very little, she is a great writer), my job is to make sure that the point of the post is clear, easy to understand and provides something useful to the reader. This is partly a function of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and partly an artifact of writing for the web. If you’re writing a blog as a personal journal, most of this stuff won’t matter to you. If you’re like Veronica and working on a startup or want your blog to be read or found, here are a few points to consider.

  • Ensure each blog post focuses on a single topic
    • Long rambling posts are great for getting something off your mind but not so good for helping somebody find relevant and useful information
  • Add keywords as appropriate, this is how people find your content
    • Expand acronyms to help new readers with context
    • e.g. you can use UX (User eXperience) in multiple places, so long the first one is expanded. This helps new people have a better idea what you’re talking about
  • Add contextual links
    • These are the food that google eats, even better if they can link back to you as well. if you’re writing about tomato soup, link to your favorite tomato soup recipe
  • Always be thinking about how to remain accessible, even when using your own industry’s vocabulary
    • It doesn’t have to be much, just a sentence or two to explain why or what to expect will really help keep your content open to a wider audience (which increases the potential viewership and exposure and links and other good exposure).
Veronica has been great at these things, if you’re thinking about starting a web based company, I would definitely recommend reading her blog!

– Randall Noval


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