Facebook Timeline is now open to all

All users can request access now, it officially goes live on Dec. 21.

Timeline Goes Live for Users Around the World


Facebook’s new Timeline profile began rolling out to users in several countries on Wednesday night. It appears that typing “Timeline” in the Facebook search bar returns a result for “Introducing Timeline,” which leads to a page explaining the new format and providing an option to upgrade.

Facebook launched Timeline in New Zealand last week, but did not provide a worldwide release date. We are awaiting details from Facebook about the scope of today’s launch, but according to a message displayed when users request to preview the new layout, Timeline will go live on Dec. 21. This gives users a week to preview their Timelines before making them visible to friends and others.

After debuting the product at F8 in September, Facebook gave developers access to a beta version. Early adopters found a way to sign up as a developer and test Timeline for themselves, and according to a post on Techcrunch, more than a million users took advantage of this option.

Introducing Timeline: https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

– Randall Noval



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