Google Circles was Launched on Tau Day

I always like it when super secret things are done with brands / products / services that only speak to the die-hard, uber fan. In this example, if we remember our math, Pi is a “is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.” It is approximately 3.14 and as we look at the article below, Google Circles was launched on 6/28 or 2pi or tau.

How can we give that subtle wink / nod to the die-hard fans in our creative execution of brand projects? Like all awesome kids movies, the kids laugh at the general movie that was created for them and the parents laugh at the “inside” jokes that tell them they are part of something.

Google Circles was Launched on Tau Day

I realized this a while ago, June 29th and started this blog post and never got around to filling it with content, but I’m pretty sure the the title can stand on its own. For those unfamiliar with tau, there’s this movement that says that pi is a bad circle constant – since more often than not, mathematical equations use 2pi rather than pi, and for purity sake, that should be the value for the circle constant.

Google+ was launched on June 28, 2011 (or at least that was the day the limited field testing began, but I was part of that, so that’s the date I consider). In other words, 6/28, or 6.28.


– Randall Noval



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