Lego social network

Lego’s fans love the brand so much that as of Dec. 15th, they have their own social network.

ReBrick: A social network for Lego lovers

ReBrick serves as a hub not just for various existing fan-made Lego sites, but also for creations people post on YouTube and Flickr. The Lego Group’s aim is to provide a go-to site for fans, especially those who are new to the toy, so they can connect with other fans in different online communities.

It’s a huge recognition of the power of brands to provide value to their communities. Some illuminating notes from their About page:


ReBrick is a social media platform where adult users can share and discuss user-created LEGO content online.

It will not be possible to upload content to the site. Instead the basic functionality is for the user to bookmark content from other sites, such as Flickr, Youtube, MOCpages and similar sites, and have a discussion at the ReBrick hub.

ReBrick is a public stage for fans of the LEGO brick to share their wonderful models and creations with the general public.


The ReBrick website is made and facilitated by the LEGO Group. But ReBrick is not part of While is for children (of all ages), ReBrick caters to fans over 13. There’s no commercial agenda. The site will never be used to market LEGO products so you won’t see campaigns, adverts or advertorials. 


The ReBrick project is a collaboration between the LEGO Group and the LEGO community. In fact, we could almost say it’s co-owned. Though The LEGO group retain ownership of the site, there will be no product announcements or any attempt made to market LEGO products. The content is brought in, discussed and ultimately owned by the community – that’s you!

Not all brands can do this, but what if our brands had their own social network. What would that look like? Why would people use it? What would the brands get out of it? What could our brands do better / differently if they had control over everything on their social network?


– Randall Noval


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