Sainsbury’s and a three year-old

If you haven’t seen these before, it’s a cute story. A three year-old writes Sainsbury’s (UK grocery store chain) asking why Tiger Bread isn’t called Giraffe Bread. Not only do they write back, but do it in a kind way, likely not knowing that this would be blogged about. This simple letter garnered quite a bit of press, making it on to reddit.

I think it’s important to ensure that clients are aware of how any external communication go viral and how a consistent messaging personality is important.

Lily is utterly unaware that her letter to Sainsbury’s has now gone viral on twitter. As of this afternoon a search on tweetreach indicates 14,283 people have read about the letters detailed below. And a search on my blog stats shows a massive surge today to its highest ever levels for one day (well into the thousands). Wow. Some people are even tweeting that Sainsbury’s made it up or posted it themselves. They didn’t. I put the pictures on here and mentioned them on facebook. A friend tweeted them.


– Randall Noval



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