Fun and Interesting Additional Content

Can help a single broadcast ad last find a lot more reach. We already know that, it’s fun to watch it in action though, especially when you have more creative freedom to play with the characters.

MetLife’s Behind-the-Scenes Spots Even Better Than its Cartoon Super Bowl Commercial

We really liked MetLife’s Super Bowl ad in which dozens of classic TV cartoon characters unite in a meadow for…well, we’re not quite sure why they’re gathering (picnic?). But we think MetLife used cartoon characters because they best illustrate MetLife’s message, “Every family, everywhere, should have the financial security they need. Not just the ones who can figure it out…” So basically, cartoon characters are deemed a little light in the cognitive department.

But that’s not why we’re posting. In addition to the actual spot—featuring everyone from Peanuts to Marvin the Martian to the Jetsons—MetLife also went the extra nine yards (or whatever the most crucial yardage was at this year’s Super Bowl) to produce several “behind-the-scenes” spots. We used quotes in that last sentence because these B.T.S.’s don’t actually show the making of the main commercial; they’re just fun bits starring a few of the commercial’s guest ‘toons. We think they’re even more fun than the actual commercial (at bottom of page).

As of this post:

  • ~400k YouTube views for the original video
  • ~60k views for the “Behind the Scenes” videos

And those numbers will continue to grow.



– Randall Noval


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