Unintended messages

Especially when working with charities, it’s important to think about what happens if you don’t reach that goal. It’s important because of what or people could hear you saying, even if it’s not what you’re saying. 

New Pet Campaign Shows How Social Media Can Go Too Far


We’ve seen lots of great awareness campaigns through social media that have made a real difference to charities. But sometimes the charity angle gets taken a little bit too far and a campaign that’s intended to do good can actually end up doing the complete opposite. A new campaign that’s just been launched by NBC provides a good example of this and will hopefully provide a bit of perspective for when you’re planning your next social media campaign. Yesterday NBC 10 launched a campaign in association with the Ocean State Animal Coalition. If the NBC 10 Facebook Page reaches 50,000 fans by February 29th, they will donate $5,000 to the center, which is committed to fighting against euthanasia in unwanted pets.

The implication being that if they don’t reach these numbers…..more animals will die?


– Randall Noval


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