Like Phoenix, Marvel gives digital coupons a second chance

This looks like an interesting approach to driving offline sales. I think it works because their consumers tend to buy not just one comic series but also a variety of others, tend to like & own both online & print versions and are open to new (comic) products.

And yes, I used to collect comics (still have boxes of them at my parents house…)

Like Phoenix, Marvel gives digital coupons a second chance

It worked well the first time, so Marvel hopes that a new, longer trial for its digital-comics coupon will drive even more print sales.

“The coupon bumped [digital comic] sales about 25 percent,” David Gabriel, senior vice-president of sales for Marvel, said in a phone interview yesterday. Peter Phillips, the general manager and senior vice-president of the Marvel Digital Media Group, added that it was “very well-received,” for a one-day coupon offer held on a Saturday in January.

The coupon itself is an unusual scheme, and perhaps the first time any book publisher has used digital sales to drive customers back into physical stores. If Marvel’s claims of success aren’t inflated, it’s an indication of the societal value of curation. The theory behind curation is this: online retailers, such as Amazon, are great when you know precisely what you want. Talking to a real human, the theory goes, is what helps people the most when browsing generally for entertainment, especially in niche media like comics.



– Randall Noval


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