Eye Movement Study Reveals Six Must-Know Things About Facebook Brand Pages

An excellent example of giving away the diagnostic to sell the remedy. Take these with a grain of salt, but there are some interesting notes below.

(Thanks Chris Dixon! http://cdixon.org/2012/03/26/give-away-the-diagnostic-sell-the-remedy/)



Eye Movement Study Reveals Six Must-Know Things About Facebook Brand Pages


The Facebook Timeline that brand pages were forced to switch over to last week is “flawed,” according to an eye movement study of six brand pages by SimpleUsability, with many of the new features going unnoticed or being misunderstood.

“The average user doesn’t fully understand the new layout, or interact with it in the way intended,” said Guy Redwood, managing director of SimpleUsability. “This will likely change over time, but as the mechanics of obtaining ‘Likes’ has become more difficult for brands, they now need to drive engagement more than ever.”

The study tracked user eye movements when visiting the Web-based brand pages of American Express, Pizza Hut, Coca-Cola, Gap, Coldplay and Manchester United. In addition to pointing out problems with brand pages, the study found certain features on the pages as currently designed were more important.

What follows are the six big takeaways from the study for brands still working on configuring their timelines.

  1. Cover Photos Aren’t As Important As You Think
  2. Timeline is Actually a Valuable Feature
  3. The Timeline Only Works if It’s Current
  4. Users Notice When Their Friends “Like” or Interact With a Brand
  5. More Data Needed to Measure the Effectiveness of Pinned Posts
  6. Users Rarely, if Ever, Interact With Apps


– Randall Noval



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