Post-PC Era? Not quite yet.

In response to this article:

Welcome to the Post-PC Era. Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than all the Macs it sold in 28 years.…

Well, not quite yet, though definitely something to consider.

We are very focused on “modern” browsers and always excited when “good browsers”  like Chrome & FF gain market share. It’s important to remember how much Microsoft still remains the market leader. Yes, things are changing, but they haven’t changed yet. To add some perspective, since it launched in Oct 2009, Microsoft has sold more Windows 7 computers (575mm) than Every Mac, iOS, and Android Device Combined (~535mm)

…Apple has likely sold about 35 million Macs, possibly 250 million iOS devices, and Google has seen almost 250 million Android activations.

I’m not trying to start a stat war here, just looking to provide some context.

Mobile needs to be part of the core understanding of a consumer’s interaction with a brand. Just having a website for the desktop is not sufficient.

To see what I’m talking about, check out on your desktop browser, iPad and phone. Or go here and click on the icons at the top to see how the site “responds” to each of the different devices.

The Boston Globe:

Starbucks is another great example:

We need to figure out what is going to happen, but to draw a map and provide the best leadership we also need to know where the brands came from and where they are now. For a lot of brands, they’d prefer to walk on the road already paved, the ability to get them off-road and to new places is part of the thought leaders in this space need to provide.


– Randall Noval


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