Google Maps Floor Plans

Google has opened up their Maps floor plans to retailers. For those people working on retailer brands, this may be something to look into. For now, the floor plans are limited to Android users only.

Help improve the “blue dot” for people visiting your venue

Today we’re releasing the Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app, which enables those who’ve uploaded floor plans to improve the indoor location accuracy their visitors experience when using indoor maps within their venue. The app is available for people in the United States through Google Play. 

If you’ve uploaded a floor plan through the Google Maps Floor Plans tool, once you install the Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app, you’ll be guided through the process of walking around the entire surface area of your place of interest. Using the app, you collect data from sources such as GPS, cell tower, and publicly broadcast WiFi information that can help us make the My Location feature’s familiar “blue dot” icon accessible for Android users when they’re inside the venue. The time it takes to complete this process depends on the size of the venue, but you can pause and resume a marking task at any time if you want to take breaks. 

The information you choose to submit will ultimately help visitors and customers more quickly and easily orient themselves, see where they are and what’s around them. Customers will even be able to see which floor they’re on in buildings with multiple floors, and the map will automatically update to the right floor if they go up or down a level!

To get started, download the Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app from Google Play. The app is currently only available in English for people in United States. 

Add your floor plans to Google Maps

Help people find their way around public spaces. Here’s how:

  1. Find the building on the map.
  2. Upload pictures of your floor plans, blueprints, or directories of a floor.
  3. Line up your floor plan with satellite images in Google Maps.
  4. Submit! This will help us improve Google Maps.

Once processed, anyone will be able to see your floor plans in Google Maps for Android.

NOTE: Google Maps Floor Plans is still in Beta. We’re still working out the kinks in how we process your floor plans, so right now we can’t give estimates on when your floor plans will appear in Google Maps for Android.

If you encounter any problems or have questions, post a comment in our forum. Thank you for helping Google Maps!



– Randall Noval


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