Brands Doing Good Things

Post on how other companies are using social media to connect people and enable people to do good. Sponsored by Intel. I think this has some interesting implications and there are some great insights on how to “gamily” people’s behavior to accomplish a common (good) goal.

5 Companies Using Social Media for the Better

This content was produced by GOOD with the support of Intel

Thanks to the internet, it’s not roads that connect our community, it’s our interests. And through the power of social media, we’re able to connect people from around the world with important causes, mobilize to crowdsource ideas, and sync our digital social behaviors with real world ones. There are many approaches to community building, whether it’s building up your community of followers on Twitter or helping people on Found It!, a digital lost-and-found that reunites users with lost items. Here’s some companies we think are building communities and doing good, all while using social media.

  1. When your community hits the road (waze)
  2. Dinner with friends (foursquare)
  3. What’s cooking (livebelowtheline)
  4. Water for All (charity:water)
  5. From Trash to Treasure (Freecycle)


– Randall Noval



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