It’s not Social Media vs TV

I think this article does a great job of illustrating that there are no longer communication channels, that an “integrated marketing mix” is a red-herring. I think there is just the brand and the consumers’ relationship with it in every communication channel (including all the ones that haven’t been invented yet).

How Social Media Will Save – Not Kill – the Television Ad

David Griner doesn’t think television advertising needs to be saved from the Internet and social media. On the contrary, Griner says television ads need to be saved from themselves.

“I personally find that most television ads are gutless and self-obsessed,” said Griner, director of digital content for the ad agency Luckie and a regular contributor to AdWeek’s AdFreaks blog. “They don’t take risks because television doesn’t reward risk taking. TV rewards pretty mediocre advertising.”

“Advertising is in a transitional state,” Griner said. “Digital has depth, and the merger is inevitable. It’s already happening.”

A RIght Way…

Griner said the most successful ad campaigns focused on engagement instead of reach. He pointed to Audi’s “Progress Is” campaign, which launched in the 2011 Super Bowl but ended up generating a yearlong dialogue using the #ProgressIs hash tag on Twitter.

“For us, it was never a discussion, it was always a hashtag,” Andy White, Senior Social Media Manager for Audi, told Griner. “The Super Bowl is conversation.”

“Most of them are funny and are very sharable,” he said. “They’re the digital water cooler fodder.

“And they are, with a few exceptions, still overwhelmingly watched on TV.”

… And A Wrong Way

But not every attempt to tie TV advertising to the social world has worked as hoped. McDonald’s has been trying to actively reach out to bloggers and social media influencers as part of its new advertising campaigns. It has tried to foster online discussions with Twitter hashtags. In other words, the company has been doing everything social media marketing experts say the company should be doing – and yet it still had a campaign blow up in its face.

“The hashtag,” Griner said, “was too vague and too detached from the point of the ads.”

“I’m not going to totally bash this yet because they could end up doing something really cool with this,” Griner said. “But right now, it seems chaotic to me.”


– Randall Noval


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