People Will Do Crazy Stuff

If you write it down on a card where they can find it. Check out this fun little experiment involving Truth or Dare in Washington Square park (the video at the end of the post is awesome!). What can you bring to your next ideation session that encourages people to have fun, play and engage with other people in a positive way?

Truth or Dare

New Yorkers are pretty closed off. It’s hard to make eye contact, let alone introduce yourself to someone new. So to make New York a little more friendly I took the middle school approach and organized a massive game of truth or dare. I wrote up 300 cards and put them around Washington Square Park on June 9th for the public to play with.

Making something simple and engaging and awesome can get great press too.

Watch New Yorkers Play an Epic Game of Truth or Dare

Truth or dare – two ways of bringing New York together–two-ways-of-bringing-new-york-together-7848774.html

Video: Watch New Yorkers Stumble Upon Random Game Of Truth Or Dare

Giant Truth or Dare game turns New York into a middle-school party

Truth or Dare of the Day

– Randall Noval


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