going further

This is meant to be an inspirational post and is about taking your craft and trying to do it better. This is also not safe for mobile (NSFM) as it has lots of images. The animal theme is accidental, but I liked how it fit.
Have you ever had a client ask you to go further with an idea?
Have you ever struggled to take a small idea and make it “bigger” without a clear way to do that?
The simple solution just may be to keep doing the same thing, only more of it. Take your idea as far as you can take it. Then take that and keep going. The boundaries you hit may not be real boundaries but instead just a resting place before you climb your next hill.
Does this story resonate? Let’s say you were tasked with creating some art with finger-paint for a client. On your first attempt you get this:
Sure, it’s pretty, has lots of colors, but the client wants more structure, so you come back with this:


The client likes it but wants more detail, so, after some hard work and exploration, you come up with this:
Which was WAY realistic except that now the client wants something less real and more abstract, so you think hard and draw this:
And now the client thinks it’s too busy, too much stuff going on. So, frustrated and upset, you go back to basics. Black paint on white paper. But instead of adding in things, you just keep going. Your first attempts don’t take you anywhere interesting:
But you have faith in your abilities, you take a breath and get back up and keep going:
And going:
And finally get to somewhere you could not have gotten to otherwise.
And that place is somewhere incredible, valuable and special. Not everyone can get there because it’s hard and because lots of people confuse frustration and breathing with failure and stopping. Frustration is good, it’s a birthplace of creativity (ask me for some other example
s). Breathing and faith allow you to persevere and keep going further.
Sometimes we need to get back to basics, remove the feature creep and go further with a simple, core idea. We can look at the struggles we face when trying to make an idea bigger as a good thing. We’re going further than most to get to a place most people never can.
Incredible Finger Paintings by Judith Braun
– Randall Noval

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