Real-time Facebook cover photo

From Zaraguza Digital, they automatically upload a snapshot from an office webcam every time a user visits their page. While automatically updating the FB Cover Photo is supported by the FB API, this may be an involved process to setup all the parts. It’s an interesting concept and though it’s not possible to animate the cover photo, having it automatically update or respond to external events could be interesting.

World’s First Real Time Facebook Cover Image

Zaraguza are claiming to have created the world’s first real time Facebook cover image, which updates at what looks like every minute or so, by posting a new image into a Facebook album which is sucked into the Cover image automatically, and is refreshed when new people hit the page or click the refresh button. Kinda cool, I suspect this will start trending. What do you think?

VIDEO – Real Time Facebook Cover – Zaraguza Digital – BIG

In Zaraguza Digital we experimented a bit. Namely with Facebook cover photo feature and a webcam. After a few tweaks, our regular Facebook cover became a real-time Facebook cover. Zaraguza live cover was launched on July 30th 2012.

NOTE: A cover is the large photo at the top of your timeline right above your profile picture. Facebook found out that people have a better experience viewing yout timeline when they see a cover that is as unique as you are. So now, you can see us, LIVE 🙂

– Randall Noval


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