Should mobile ads be different?

I think it kind of depends on your perspective. If mobile is just another distribution channel, then the ads can just be resized and you’re done. If it’s a completely different experience though, there are opportunities to tell a different story, one that directly engages the person viewing it, pulls them into the story by making them participate. That completely changes the story then, because it’s not about how you want to tell it, it’s about how they experience it.

Case in point, this innovative ad talking about violence in the workplace. I suggest watching the video below at full-screen, even though you’re not directly interacting with the ad, you’ll still feel a strong reaction (I know I did).

Violence Against Women Place Startling Ad in Vogue iPad App

Now this is how you get a message across! As part of international day against violence towards women in 2011, BFF: Women against Violence wanted to highlight the fact that one in every four women experience violence, a startling statistic on its own, but German agency Plan Net Global decided to take it a step further.

So in the editorial section of the fashion magazine Vogue, it inserted an ad to raise awareness of this fact and the way it does this has to be seen to be believed. Explaining what actually happens will only diminish the impact it has (and it’s also the reason why we had to use a boring screenshot), but you will definitely be startled when you see the ad in action. Not only it’s very effective way of playing with your emotions and getting a reaction, but it also makes brilliant use of the iPad’s capabilities.

The campaign was created by Plan Net Global, which is based in Hamburg, Germany.

UPDATE: It looks like the original video has been taken offline, here is another video that has the ad as part of a case study.

– Randall Noval