Improv Everywhere – The Mini-Golf Open

The MP3 Experiment is not only a lot of fun, but also a great way to see how things can come together in “organized chaos”.

I could imagine a number of ways that brands could participate in a way that enhances the experience without over-shadowing the event (e.g. A Dasani water filling station open to everyone as you get off the ferry, Canon sponsored video / photography of the event, etc.).

To that end, Improv Everywhere recently did a mission with mini-golf, ESPN and the Claret Jug (a big deal if you’re into golf!). Check out their video and behind the scenes below.

The Mini-Golf Open

Ever since our Best Game Ever mission, I’ve thought about doing a sequel with golf… Last summer Connor Arras emailed me with this exact idea and pointed out that a new mini-golf course had recently been opened in Lower Manhattan on the newly created Pier 25 (which was one of the starting points of The Mp3 Experiment Eight.)…

I had the idea on the back burner until I got an email from ESPN asking if I would want to do something with the historic Claret Jug from The Open Championship (often referred to as the British Open.) The jug was going to be in New York on a publicity tour in advance of the championship and ESPN wanted to offer it to me as a prop in a mission, giving me creative control to do with it whatever I wanted to. They loved the mini-golf idea, and agreed to produce the video with all of their awesome camera equipment, making the whole thing more epic in scale. This jug, by the way, is not a replica, but the actual jug made in 1928 that has been held by all of the Open champions since. It came with its own security guard.

– Randall Noval


The Worst Meatball Sandwich

Here’s a little fun to start your week off right. This restaurant (JoeDough) in the east village had a bad review on Yelp and decided to have a little fun with it. I didn’t take the picture, but I if I were walking by there, I’d probably at least step in and take a look. I like that they kept the comment context and tried to put a spin on it the put them in a positive light.

Everyone loves a really bad meatball sandwich!


– Randall Noval