W+K pushes the Vimeo platform

With the new W+K ad for Old Spice, you can now play with Terry Crews’ muscles and make some “Muscle Music”. This is a great example of what Vimeo can do with brands. They have a set of private APIs not available to the public.

Watch the video and then do what Terry says.

Old Spice Muscle Music


And this is already making the rounds:

Terry Crews Plays Music with His Muscles, Encourages Viewers to Do the Same for Old Spice


In what we’re being told is what’s a “first-of-its-kind embeddable interactive experience,”

From a purely technological standpoint, this could be a big step forward in integrating audience interaction into streaming video. Your move, YouTube.

This Is The Most Kickass Old Spice Ad Yet


But this, this is inspired.

– Randall